Dennis Blease

Mr. Dennis Blease is currently a part-time researcher and doctoral candidate with Cranfield University undertaking research into NATO’s role in Security Sector Reform (SSR) engagements. He joined the University in 2008 having retired from the British Army as a Brigadier General. During his time in service he spent a total of 9 years working with NATO. As Commander of NATO’s mission in the Republic of Macedonia (2004-2005), he advised the Government on post-conflict reconstruction programs and SSR. This role was expanded to the regional level when he was appointed NATO’s lead on SSR matters for the Western Balkans (2006-2008). He has lectured on SSR and NATO at a number of universities and security institutes throughout Europe, as well as in Palestine and Ethiopia. He is also Senior Security & Justice Advisor for the UK's Stabilization Unit, and a senior SSR associate with the Geneva-based International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT).