P.Liotta recent work has appeared in Parameters, Strategic Review, Mediterranean Quarterly, and European Security. Lexington recently published his book on Yugoslavia titled :"The Wreckage Reconsidered: Five Oxymorons from Balkan Deconstruction" and will publish: " Dismembering the State: The Death of Yugoslavia and Why It Matters" in the coming months. Xenos Books of California will also publish:" The Wolf at the Door: A Poetic Cycle Translated from the Macedonian of Bogomil Gjuzel in the next few months. Ansering to the editor-s question, how came that he was interesting on this issue,

P.Liotta answered:Eleven years ago, I was a Fulbright scholar--actually a "slobodan umjetnik--in Yugoslavia and made my first happy acquaintances with Macedonia. Since then, I've returned to the Balkans many, many times--especially to Macedonia. In fact, I represented the United States at the Struga festival in 1994 and 1999.